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The EFV-8 Store

To place an order online, start by choosing a category below, then simply browse to the item or items you want, add them to your shopping cart, and proceed to the checkout page.

NOTE: To get the best shipping rate for your purchase, please read the following:

In the Online Store, the product that you wish to purchase has a title, for example "1932 Ford Book, softbound, (use Double Book Shipping Rate)". In this case, the product title contains a reference to the shipping rate that you should select so that the cost of shipping is the best for the product.

Yes, you will have to browse through the shipping rates to find the rate for the product you are purchasing!

During checkout using the example above, you would select USA ONLY - Double Book Shipping rate (unless you are a resident of Canada, in which case you would select CANADA ONLY - Double Book Shipping rate).

Every Online Store item has a shipping rate in its title. If purchasing Accessories and Books together, please choose the book shipping rate.

If you are purchasing more than 3 books (for any country), please use USA ONLY, CANADA ONLY, or ALL OTHER COUNTRIES - more than 3 book purchase. If you are purchasing more than 4 books, please contact our Accessories Staff about shipping rates.


If the wrong shipping rate is selected, the Club will cancel the order. It is your responsibility as a purchaser to click on the correct rate for the product you are buying.

Thank you for your purchases! Visa and Mastercard sales only.